Sponge Media

Sponge Media
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Sponge Media is an open-celled, water based polyurethane impregnated with abrasives. It has several inherent cost, time and money saving benefits. The pliant nature of Sponge media allows its particles to flatten on impact exposing the abrasive. After leaving the surface, the media constricts pulling and encapsulating what would normally becoe airborn contaminants.


1. Low Dust

The porous sponge media suppresses up to 95% of what would normally become airborn dust and contaminent.

2. Improved Safety

The porous sponge media creates no violent splash and rebound, thus improves the safty by reducing eye and skin injuries.

The low dust blasting improves the visibility, blasting efficiency and quality while reducing the dust soakage, benefiting the health of the public, which well satisfies the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction.

The entrapping and fire resistant sponge can control the spark effectively during operation, thus applicable to continuous construction of the inflammable and explosive fields like offshore engineering and petrochemical.

3. High Efficiency

Achieving high quality surface treatment for sensitive and limited area, particularly suitable for partial sand blasting, and causing no secondary damage to the surrounding coating.

Can be recycled 6-15 times.

4. Portable

Portable with small density; the equipment is small in size, convenient to move and handing, simple operation process, suitable for treatment of the narrow space and special area.


Application Fields

Marine, Offshore Engineering, Military, Petrochemical Project, Aerospace & Aviation, Historic Restoration, Building Maintenance…