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Introduction to abrasives

Natural corundum chemical composition of alumina, the main origin of South Africa, with it polished and polished glass. Carborundum is also a natural form of alumina, in general, it is not as corundum pure, the main origin of Greece, Turkey, used to make cloth or sandpaper. Garnet abrasive for sandblasting, waterjet cutting, manufacturing coated abrasive, filter, wear-resistant floor aggregate, etc., used in hardware, steel, castings, ceramics, aluminum, wood, leather industry. Flint is usually used for making sandpaper. Quartz is the earliest abrasive material, there are still used for the manufacture of cutting tools and processing glass. Pumice from the volcano, is the manufacture of polishing powder raw materials. Diatomite is a mixture of polished powder and Whetstone. Other natural abrasives are talc, silica, feldspar, black silt and chalk.