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Grinding Pills Are The Ideal Grinding Material

Grinding balls with steel balls, steel sand products, like a kind of metal abrasive. Grinding pills, also known as high manganese steel pills, the use of high-manganese steel wire cutting into a high-speed, and then a corner of the round grinding of a product. It consumes the shape from large to small until the particles to the original particles of 3/10, only by the shot blasting machine or separation equipment to clear away, to complete its entire life cycle, is a new type of steel cutting pill.

Grinding pills with cast steel balls and steel cutting pill advantages, can even throw grinding, not to hurt the workpiece, not easy to break, wear high cycle life of long grinding. Grinding steel ball is the current automobile and motorcycle accessories such as finishing the main metal grinding materials.

Grinding pills have the following advantages, grinding balls toughness and high tensile strength, grinding balls to overcome all the weaknesses of cast steel balls, no pores, not broken. Long life, is the metal abrasive, the best metal abrasive.