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Grit And Other Abrasives Compared To What Advantages

Many mechanical products want to have a good effect, must be a series of equipment surface treatment, metal surface treatment methods are many, the current use of the most, the effect is good use of shot blasting machine, the metal shot blasting, Sandblasting.

Currently on the market a lot of types of abrasive products, steel balls, steel sand, steel cut pills, alloy steel balls, grinding balls, etc., different abrasives are made of different raw materials. Specifications are different, the scope of use will be different, steel products are a lot of abrasive, the best one.

Steel sand products moderate hardness, toughness, impact, can be repeated several times, with long life, good resilience, strong adhesion, clean up the speed of high consumption of sand low, not broken, clean up the workpiece brightness, technical effect is good Features. After the steel sand treated products, up to the standard.