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On The Role Of Shot Pills?

(1) the parts produce compressive stress, thereby improving the fatigue strength of parts and anti-stress and corrosion resistance;

(2) instead of the general hot and cold forming process, large-scale thin-walled aluminum parts can be molded, so as to avoid the residual surface tension of the parts and the formation of favorable compressive stress.

(3) shot peening process and shot peening on the surface of the parts required to produce compressive stress shot peening, must ensure that there is sufficient coverage, that is, so that the surface is not shot shot as little as possible. However, due to the coverage of the more difficult, and difficult to determine the amount of fixed, it is often used to control the shot peening method to obtain the required compressive stress values. The shot peening strength was mostly measured using the Almen arc gauge described in SAE Standard J442.

(4) Shot peening strength and other shot peening parameters Shot peening strength determines the quality of shot peening, and shot peening strength by a variety of other process parameters.