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Sandblasting Process And Shot Peening Process What Precautions

Shot peening process and sandblasting process is similar, but with steel balls or ceramic glass pills instead of blasting abrasive, shot peening parts can produce compressive stress, and no silicon dust pollution. This process is mainly used for:

(1) the parts produce compressive stress and improve their fatigue strength and resistance to stress corrosion.

(2) to correct the twisted thin-walled parts.

(3) instead of the general hot and cold forming process, the large-scale thin-walled aluminum parts for forming processing, so as to avoid the surface of the workpiece residual high tensile stress, and the formation of favorable compressive stress.

It should be noted that the use of parts after shot peening can not be too high, otherwise, the resulting compressive stress will be eliminated and the desired effect will be lost. The use of temperature restrictions by parts of the material as the general steel parts of about 260 ~ 290 ℃ aluminum parts about 150 ℃.

There are many types of shot peening: ceramic sand, glass beads, iron sand, stainless steel sand, alloy beads, zirconium beads, zirconium powder, high aluminum porcelain, plastic sand